Being The Best You Is Everything

While winning is not everything or the only thing, it is fun to see your hard work pay dividends in the form of a “W” in the win-loss column. I really don’t believe that competitors should do anything, including cheating and poor sportsmanship, to secure a win. I maintain that you should compete within the boundaries of the game’s rules. You must respect your opponent and the amount of effort he’s put into trying to defeat you. Most of all, I believe in the idea of you trying to be the best you can be is everything. The goal of being the best you may not result in you defeating everybody you compete against, but it will get you to a level of performance excellence that will be entirely satisfying to you.

Both physical and mental prowesses are gifts from your Maker. A gifted person can build upon those gifts and enjoy a lot of success. Unfortunately, the superiority of others makes it difficult for the rest of us. When we go up against these foes, it seems next to impossible to defeat them. However, in the process of becoming the best you, you can build up your strengths and realize the extent of your weaknesses. In time, you will learn to minimize or make inaccessible your weaknesses. In addition, you will practice your strengths to the point that they become second nature and part of your muscle memory. Soon, by studying your most gifted opponents, you will learn to expose and exploit their weaknesses. Therefore, you will minimize the effect of their strengths and create an equal playing field. This equal playing field will allow you to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

During this journey toward success, you must learn how to lose in order to learn how to win. You must not learn how to be a loser, but you must learn from the pitfalls of losing. It has got to hurt a little bit and that pain will make you focus on being the best you. If being the best you leads to second, third, or even last place, it is not a big deal. As long as you step on the playing field with the attitude that you are the best and that your opponent has to show you her superiority, then everything is fine. Sometimes, being the best overall is difficult to accomplish. Nevertheless, being the best you is achievable and should be celebrated!

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