It May Take Drastic Measures

Most people would like to change some negative areas in their lives. At least they say they do. But when it comes down to it, they do the same things over and over and can’t seem to break free from the negative lifestyle.

The truth is, they can if they want to. But you really have to have the “want-to” to make serious adjustments. And sometimes that means making strong decisions that result in making drastic changes.

For example, a young man was letting his grades slide to in order to improve his social life. In other words, he was talking in class and horsing around with friends when he should have been doing homework and studying.

His mother took control at the early stages of her son’s academic decline and made the decision to switch him to another school if his grades didn’t improve within one semester. That may seem drastic, but the child did not want to switch and his friends even began to help him study. Needless to say, his grades improved.

Another teenager spent some serious time on the cell phone with his girlfriend. The bill totaled thousands of dollars. His father went in his room, grabbed his stereo system, video games, flat panel TV and laptop and sold them in order to pay the bill. The kid got the message very quickly and learned a valuable lesson about money.

A woman, tired of her relationships turning into disasters, quit dating for an entire year. It helped her analyze what was going wrong, to think about what she wanted in a man as well as relationships and allowed her to do some serious soul searching. She said it was the best decision she ever made.

A man, wanting to get away from the destructive lifestyle in which he was living, packed up everything he had and moved away from the friends who were enabling him to continue down the wrong path he was on and the home he knew in order to completely start over and head his life in a better direction.

In all these examples, people took drastic measures to make the needed changes for a better existence. Drastic measures may seem daunting and scary, but sometimes it is the only way to improve your life. Do you need to make some drastic changes?

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